Download Re Vanced

As of my last update in September 2021, there’s no specific project or application known as “Re Vanced”. If you’re referring to “YouTube Vanced,” this was a popular modded version of YouTube that offered a number of additional features such as ad-blocking, background playback, and more. However, due to the violation of Google’s terms of service, the app was discontinued by its developers in 2022. If “Re Vanced” is a new project or development after my knowledge cutoff, I would recommend doing a search for the most recent and reliable information regarding it. Please also remember to be cautious when downloading and installing apps from third-party sources, as they may pose security risks.

Note: Installing microG is necessary to prevent crashing.

ReVanced MicroG


ReVanced Manager


ReVanced YouTube (140 MB)

ReVanced YouTube (140 MB)


ReVanced YouTube (141 MB)

ReVanced YouTube (140 MB)